Undergraduates Assignment 2014

College of Business and Hospitality Management

Current Trends and Issues Conference Assignment

March 9-10, 2014

Course Composition:  The requirements for completing the one (1) credit  Current Trends and Issues Conference course is accomplished in two parts (a) by participation in a two-day professional/academic conference on current trends and issues in the respective disciplines of study and (b)by  the completion of a written assignment as shown below. Attendance at the conference accounts for 50% of the grade and this assignment accounts for the remaining 50%.  You are expected to complete both aspects of the course through which you would have gained a more expansive appreciation for the relationship between the world of academia and the world of work. 

For Undergraduate Seniors

INSTRUCTIONS: Using the Current Trends and Issues Conference presentations as a basis for further investigation, do TWO of the following questions:

Question 1.

a)      Select three themes that emerged and in one to one and one-half page, write a summary of each theme.

b)      Identify three peer-reviewed journal articles which address each of these themes. Present a

half-page summary of each article and then discuss how it relates to the themes presented in part (a) of this question.

Question 2. From among the following influences, select two and write a three page paper on each of  

them to show their impact on the progress of the business or  hospitality sector.  As a student of Business  and/or Hospitality Management, discuss three strategies that you could implement to positively support business  or hospitality management’s advancement in these area.


(A)   The pros and cons of building a logistics hub in Jamaica

(B)   Jamaica and the IMF: Opportunities and Challenges to the Jamaican productive sector

(C)   Jamaica’s Need for a Debt Management Policy: A Business/Hospitality Management  Graduate’s Perspective.


Question 3. Write a critique of your experience in the undergraduate programme at Northern  

         Caribbean University. What are three strategies/recommendations that you would make to

         Improve/change aspects of the programme?


Submit assignment by April 15, 2014 to your respective campus


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  1. Please advise how soon the PowerPoint presentations from the various presenters will be uploaded. Thank you.

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